1.EDUCATION OFFICER II  (Physics & Agriculture)   (Nafasi 2)

(a)Direct Entry Qualifications:

Holder of Bachelor Degree in Education from recognized University or Institute or equivalent qualification.

(b)Duties & Responsibility

      1. To teach Secondary Schools as per discipline of specialisation;
      2. To administer subject clubs;
      3. To participate in the activities of curriculum development;
      4. To teach students good behaviour and manners;
      5. Responsible for proper records of all examination skills
      6. To arrange the preparation and moderation of examination papers
      7. To take change as a teacher on duty and to report the same to the School Administration.
      8. To prepare the action plans on the Academic year.
      9. To take care of the teaching equipment.
      10. Performing any other duties related to his/her work as assigned by his/her Supervisor.