5.         MEDICAL SPECIALIST II    (Gynecologist)            ( Nafasi )

        (a) Direct Entry Qualifications:

Holder of Master’s Degree in Medicine (M.Med) or any Medical field and must be full registered by the Medical Council of Tanganyika.

(b) Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. To attend emergency medical duties,

  2. To conduct surgical duties to those specialize in surgery, gynecology;

  3. To conduct clinical duties in both inpatient and  outpatient clinics;

  4. To carry out researches in their respective medical fields;

  5. To participate fully in morning clinical sessions, patients’ presentation and journal clubs;

  6. To teach and supervise medical doctors and students in clinical works and surgical procedures;

  7. To participate in Medical Board;

  8. To prepare Continuing Education Programs for Medical Personnel.

  9. To provide Medical legal advice.

  10. To carry out administrative duties in his respective working area.

  11. To perform any other duties related to his or her work as may be assigned by Supervisor.