12.       ACCOUNTS ASSISTANT II             ( Nafasi 1 )

(a)        Direct Entry Qualifications

Holder of Diploma in Accountancy or Accountant Technician (ATEC I) offered by NBAA or its equivalent from Institution recognized by NBAA.

(b)        Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. To receive and keep in proper custody all bills, invoices and other claims pending payment;

  2. To prepare petty payment vouchers after approval;

  3. To receive cash deposits from clients and banking as per Financial Regulations;

  4. To make records of all transactions and reconcile them with cash balance;

  5. To maintain  cheque registers;

  6. To keep  records and making follow-ups of all debts from credit clients

  7. To check totals in accounting documents and

  8. To perform any other duties related to his or her work as may be assigned by Supervisor.