Directorate Of Finance And Accounting


To provide Financial Management Control System and bookkeeping Services for KEC.


i. To initiate, direct and supervises the development of financial policies, systems and procedures and to ensure their effective implementation;

ii. To provide technical advice to the Director General and all Heads of Directorates and Unit on matters related to finance and budget;

iii. To co-ordinate the preparation of Submit for Audit, the Annual Account of the center within three months after end of Financial Year;

iv. To control financial transaction in accordance with KEC’s Financial Regulations;

v. To manage payroll in collaboration with the Directorate of Administration and Human Resources Management;

vi. To maintain proper systems of financial control are effectively;

vii. To verify d ocumentation to support vouchers, including authorization according to regulations, relevant Acts and Circulars.

viii. To co-ordinate all Audit quires raised during the previous financial year

ix. To prepare appropriation Accounts and Financial Reports 

x. To maintain Cash Books;

xi. To prepare and facilitate payment of cash/cheque to employee/ customers (Services provided); and

xii. To collect and manage revenue according to regulations and guidelines