Directorate of Health Services


To coordinate the management and administration of medical services (Curative & preventive) and medical training so as to fight against Diseases as one of the National Development Enemy as well as one of the Core functions of the Centre.


i. To maintain medical supplies  and hospital is well equipped at all time to receive any major cases referred to it form peripheral areas;

ii. To coordinate   curative and  preventive services in the Directorate;

iii. To advise to the Director on all matters related to health services and training;

iv. To be responsible for the Management and supervision of all the workers under the Directorate;

v. To control  income and expenditure of the Directorate; 

vi. To assist the Director in controlling funds, human resources of the Directorate; 

vii.   To maintain all the assets of the Directorate including their maintenance;

viii. To maintain a sound inter-Directorate relationship and co-operation within the Centre and with other Health Authorities;

ix. To evaluate performance of all staff and workers of the Directorate.