Vision Statement

Kibaha Education Centre is envisioned “to become a Centre of excellence in eradicating poverty; ignorance and diseases"

Mission Statement

Kibaha Education Centre is committed ‘to provide quality socio-economic services through efficient and effective use of resources, capacity building and good governance in integrated approach in order to improve the living standard of people’.

Core Values

Kibaha Education Centre is committed to adhere to the following core values;

  1. Poverty reduction;
  2. Good governance (democracy, equity, rule of law, transparency, accountability);
  3. Effective and efficient delivery of quality socio - economic services;
  4. Equity in health status and health care;
  5. Equity in education status;
  6. Comprehensive quality services;
  7. Cost effectiveness (value for money) and efficiency;
  8. Client and provider satisfaction;
  9. Transparency and accountability;
  10. Ownership and partnership in health, education, community development program and management governance, and
  11. Monitoring and evaluating of performance of health, education, community development activities to ensure accountability and adherence to national standards and policies;