Research and Development

Research and Development is one if the three departments in the directorate of community development established in July, 2010. The department cordially works with people in eight wards and 37 Mitaa in Kibaha by holding meetings with view of identifying their needs in general and special needs for specific vulnerable groups including most vulnerable children, elderly persons, and widows.


To conduct researches and community needs assessments in communities surrounding Kibaha Education Centre in ordObjectives

To conduct researches and community needs assessments in communities surrounding Kibaha Education Centre in order to improve their livelihood.

To coordinate extension services to farmers in Kibaha Education Centre’s catchment area.

To coordinate short courses trainings including entrepreneurship skills in Kibaha, Pwani region

To coordinate creativity and innovation of simple machines for appropriate technology and disseminate to stakeholders.


Headed by Research and Development Manager the functions of this department include

To carry out researches in accordance to the developed research plans, prepare research reports and disseminate to stakeholders

To carry out community needs assessment (CNA) including training needs assessment (TNA) to the community in order to improve their livelihood

To make follow ups for short and long course graduates of KFDC and prepare a report 

Attend and support vulnerable groups of people in the community ie. most vulnerable children (MVC), people living with HIV and AIDS (PLWHA), elderly persons and widows

To conduct extension services especially on agriculture  husbandry and livestock keeping to community around KEC

To coordinate short course trainings for different groups of Kibaha and outside Kibaha communities

To make tools and innovate or applying appropriate technology and disseminate to the community in order to improve production

Research and Development Sections

This department is further divided into four sections namely

Research activities

Short course trainings

Extension services

Creativity and Innovation


Through its Research and Development Department the directorate of community development is mandated to coordinate research activities of the Centre. A team of researchers comprising of 10 skilled staff has been formed to carry out various researches in different sectors including community development, education, and health services. The department collaborates with other research institutes in and out of Tanzania to conduct researches.

Short Course Trainings

Short courses are conducted according to the needs of stakeholders and therefore are usually demand-driven or tailored demand courses. Some of the courses that have been offered at KEC include


Poultry (layers chicken) and Indigenous chicken


Mushroom farming

Catering and food production

Customer care

Small scale fresh water fish farming

Animal production and feeds

Motor vehicle driving and motor cycling

Extension Services

The department in collaboration with demonstration farms department attends small-scale farmers by providing advice in improved agriculture, animal and beekeeping.

Creativity and innovations

In collaboration with training department (folk development college) and SIDO an effort is done to make simple machines and tools which will improve traditional technology for small-scale formers. The simple machines innovated at KEC includes animal feeds mixing machine, wheel barrows, incubators to improve their livelihood.