Tumbi Regional Referal Hospital

Tumbi Designated Regional Referral Hospital was initially established as dispensary in 1967,in 1970 was upgraded to a health centre with a capacity of 35 beds, then in 1996 was given special status namely   Tumbi Special Hospital and as of April 2011 has been upgraded to a Designated Regional Referral Hospital with a capacity of 281 beds. This Hospital is situated about 35Km from Dar-es-Salaam along Morogoro Road. It is a referral centre for 6 districts of Pwani Region. It serves a population of 1,110,917 people,  about 400 to 500 patients receive health services per day.


A center of excellence in provision of health services and training to satisfy the clients’needs.


To provide quality and cost effective promotive, preventive, curative, rehabilitative, training and palliative health services to the community for sustainable social economic development.


Hospitality: Welcoming and talking to clients in a friendly manner

Equity: Provision of health services to the community based on their needs irregardless of race, gender, ethnic group or nationality.

Accountability: Accountable to clients, community members and other stakeholders in the way health services are provided.

Transparency: we act openly and truthfully in everything we do.

Community: we recognize and respect the importance of our community’s health care needs

Team work: we work together cooperatively, recognizing that our combined efforts exceed what we can accomplish individually.  

Customer oriented- we treat those we serve with concern, kindness and respect 

Commitment- we are dedicated to provide excellence in every aspect of our work