Demonstration Farms


To provide extension services and demonstrations of crops, animals husbandry production techniques to farmers so as to promote production per animal and per unit area of farm

To provide agronomical and livestock keeping practical skills to students and smallholder farmers in and outside Kibaha Education Centre.


Being led by Demonstration Farms Manager the functions of this department include:
Innovate and apply appropriate technology for smallholder farmers provide smallholder farmers with education in crops and livestock production evaluate farms performance from time to time Demonstration of growing vegetables, crops and animal keeping to smallholder farmers and students Animal farm management practices including animal breeding


Crops Demonstration Farm

This section dedicates to provision of skills and knowledge through various practices of raising crops. Horticultural crops, field and cash crops such as vegetables, fruits, bananas, cereal crops, oil crops, and nursery of fruit tree seedlings are cultivated for demonstration in a 5-hactared area

Animal Demonstration Farm

Animal farm management practices, feed formulation and animal feeding, pasture establishment, and animal breeding are conducted.